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Soda Project (INQUIRY #4)

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In this soda project me and Gabriel are trying to create or own soda brand. So far we have our ingredients and or recipe down and we need to pick up our supplies sometime this week. Our soda flavor right now is root beer. the reason why we cant try out other flavors is because of time restrictions and the carbonation process. We have most of our ingredients but we are missing yeast and sassafras. Our goals are (milestones)

-Pick up our supplies

-Recording the cost of all the ingredients

-brewing our first batch

-taste testing our soda

-research the science behind the carbonation process


For a presentation we wanted to do a commercial or a taste test for people to see if the like it or not. We might do a test to see what people would prefer in between our soda flavor or a store bought soda brand. We are making progress and we want to make something everybody could drink and enjoy.

Written: Pablo

Edited by Gabriel


Hello world!

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